How Employable Are You?

All job seekers have some level of education or training, skills and experience, aptitudes and interests and abilities, but it is attitude, motivation, and personality that permit us to obtain and retain employment.

The employability checklist below allows you to evaluate your own perceptions of your attitude, behavior, skills, and abilities in light of potential perceptions which could be made by interviewers. Think about these before going to an interview and review your responses after the interview. Try to keep them in mind before beginning your workday and during difficult situations on the job.

What is your level of employability?

Complete the following inventory, ranking each response from a low of 1 to a high of 3, to find out how employable you are.

Analyze Your Results

What is your level of employability?


Your Score is:


The maximum total is 69. A score of 66 is very employable. A score of 60-65 is average.

If you scored below 60, review the areas you fell short in and improve them prior to interviewing for and performing your next job.