Hunter Employment, LLC is now operating as an affiliate of a large national organization that is the employer of record for all payroll activities. We continue our role as the premier go-to local employment agency in Yuma and Imperial Counties, providing the highest level of responsive, responsible staffing and direct placement services in the following categories:



Temporary employees fill in during vacations and illnesses, provide special skills needed, meet temporary worker overload requirements, handle seasonal or other special workloads, and help staff special projects.


The employees are recruited and go on a temporary payroll with the understanding that at the end of a specific trial period, the employee is placed on the client’s payroll as a permanent hire.


Long-term staffing is different only in the length of time the employee or employees are required by the client. The assignment may be for more than one activity or skill area or it may involve a position that is not closely defined in the company job description.


Professional staff to laborers–all are fully screened, tested, and oriented to the job as necessary by Hunter Employment. Recruitment development costs are borne by Hunter and a fee for finding suitable employees is paid by the client. Workers are placed directly on client payrolls.


Out placement refers to a process, perhaps in a downsizing situation, in which Hunter Employment is hired by a client to place one or more of the client’s workers in positions outside the client company.


Hunter Employment offers Safety Instructors to assist in Risk Management assessment, inspections, and training to help the client reduce the possibility of safety issues within its own company. See our Safety Manual for recommendations.




Contribution to the benefit of others is the definition of service we like best. We are ready, willing, and able to provide employment services that will contribute to an improved utilization of the workers you need for your company operations.


We are specialists who understand employees and employers. Excellence in establishing the most beneficial employee/employer relationship is a natural outcome of the in-depth best practices we apply.


The entire amount of our invoice to the client is deductible as a business expense. Workers’ compensation insurance and benefit costs are reduced owing to the power of our buying at bulk rates. You obtain the added value of having an entire personnel department available to provide everything from temporary help to return-to-work programs.


We are available on-call 24-hours per day to service employers and employees. We handle workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation claims as well as all federal, state, and local payroll taxes and deductions. You will never have to submit a W2, 940, 941, or any other payroll-related tax form again.