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Family Nurse Practitioner

Apply in person with a resume at Hunter Employment (2450 S. 4th Avenue Suite #102)

Position Summary:

The FNP is an advanced practice nurse that performs all aspects of patient care, including diagnosis, treatments and consultations. He/she will work in outpatient situations and can perform independently or as part of a treatment team.

He/she must be prepared to work with patients who may be uncooperative, disoriented or aggressive. The FNP must also be able to meet the physical demands of the job, including spending significant periods of time on his/her feet, as well as being immersed in a potentially stressful environment.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Effectively identifies, evaluates, addresses and treats disease and prevention and health promotion issues while administering quality patient care.
  2. Examines a patient and diagnoses his/her condition(s).
  3. Studies and interprets the tests and records of the patient.
  4. Discusses and formulates proper and personalized health care plans for patients.
  5. Prescribes varied forms of medications and other treatment methods to the patients.
  6. Advise patients to seek specialized medical help, if the treatment requires that.
  7. Answers the queries that a patient might have about his/her medical condition.
  8. Perform special assignments, projects, and other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualification to Perform Job:

  • Master’s degree in nursing and Licensed as a Nurse Practioner in the State of Arizona required.


  • Exceptional skills in communication both written and verbal, conflict resolution and client relation.


  • Must be able to read and interpret documents and have the ability to develop routine reports and correspondence.


  • Participate in the agency’s program of interpretation of its services to the general public, to professional groups and to groups with special interest.


  • This may involve acting as a representative of the profession in work with non- human service work groups in the community.


  • Understand the role of the agency in the total community welfare plan, and to interpret in-depth and imaginatively casework services and the agency’s function.


  • Carry important and continuing assignments in community works.


  • Proficiency with personal computers and applicable software programs.


  • Maintains current license and certificate(s) required by Office of Behavioral Health Licensure to hold position;


  • Valid Driver’s License is required for this position, in addition to a Class One Fingerprint Clearance Card.

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