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$11.50 - $13.50 DOE

Irrigation Water Treatment Coordinator

To prevent risk of produce contamination by completing water treatments on irrigation water for produce crops that require foliar irrigation past the germination period. Coordination with Food Safety Manager and Irrigation Supervisor. Duties include making sure chemicals are delivered to ranch before irrigation begins. Connect chemical tote to irrigation pump and set flow meter to the needed gallons per minute according to the acres being irrigated. Calculations to determine the amount of chemical needed to be applied will be necessary. Monitor chemical application by testing sprinkler heads with the test kit to make sure the proper amount of chemical is being applied. PPE will be provided and must be worn as trained. Keep water treatment logs and email them to Food Safety Manager. 

  • Must be flexible to work long hours 
  • Must be flexible with schedule
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Must have valid driver license
  • Must be able to provide driving record
  • Seasonal position (July - April)
  • Must be able to drive to Wellton
  • Associates Degree in Agriculture or related field is preferred

Apply in person with a resume at Hunter Employment 2450 S. 4th Avenue Suite #102

(928) 341-4664


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