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Job Status:




Pay Rate:

$14.00 to $16.00

Stack Off- Shipping


2755 S. 4th Ave, Bldg. 3 Suite 104

Yuma, AZ 86364

Phone Number: (928)341-4664

Office Hours – Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm



Primary Duties:  Ensure accurate count of batteries shipped to customer to avoid shortages and to assist group leader in principal duties.

Normal Sequence:  Receives order sheet from supervisor.  Checks off batteries on the order sheet by store as they come off the line and are palletized.  On occasion is required to add batteries to incomplete pallet loads located on dock.  Responsible for ensuring accuracy of order sheets.  

Attaches load identification card listing total number of batteries and customer name to pallet.  Must ensure that load identification card is placed on correct pallet load of batteries.  Responsible for zero shortages.  

May be responsible for proper appearance of the product and compliance to correct customer specifications. 

Must be able to perform all decorating duties and assist in training new people.  May fill in on any job on the decorating line.  

Assist in starting, stopping and cleaning of washing machines, stencil dryers, airless and air-type spray equipment, spray booths, hi-rate, and pressure testing equipment, acid filling and paint viscosity checking equipment.  Takes necessary steps to correct minor difficulties with equipment.  

Responsible to keeping work area clean and orderly.  May prepare production and time reports.  Works closely with decorating group leader and follows assigned schedule. 


  1. Transfer 4D and 8D batteries from conveyor to pallet. 
  2. Transfer small batteries from conveyor to pallet.
  3. Place dunnage or spacers on pallets.
  4. Place pallets. 
  5. Scan codes and prepare paperwork.
  6. Identify and remove defective batteries. 

The physical demands of this job may vary from day to day based on the tasks assigned, and nature of these tasks are performed in an uncontrolled environment with many potential variables.  It is therefore important to note that the PDA does not capture all potential tasks and exposures related to the position noted.  Due to these factors, key tasks were captured, typical of the day-to-day work performed.  This document is also intended to represent all tasks performed by this position but this not imply that every task listed is completed during each work shift.  

Hrs. per Day: 8 hours but may work overtime (voluntary and mandatory).

Hrs. per week: 40 Hours.


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